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Your Pain Is The Breaking Of

The Shell That Encloses

Your Understanding

-Khalil Gibran


About Dr. Stuart

Patricia Stuart is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years in private practice.  She provides compassionate and confidential individual psychotherapy.  Dr. Stuart believes that a trusting relationship between therapist and client shapes the space for healing.


Dr. Stuart obtained her doctorate in 1989 from UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. You can read more about her specialties and interests below.

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Specializing in Care for Anxiety,
Depression, Relationships and Loss

Anxiety is a form of psychic pain and nervous system arousal that can range from a minor annoyance to a debilitating experience. All of us experience anxiety to some degree, but anxiety that reaches disruptive proportions requires specialized care. Dr. Stuart is experienced in evaluating anxiety and providing therapeutic interventions best suited to each client's unique experience.


We live in relationship to others. Conflict inside relationships is inevitable and often reveals what is most challenging about becoming one's "best self" and a healthy individual. This is why difficulties in relationships are often what brings a client to work with Dr. Stuart, whether for individual or couples treatment. She views both the "intra" and "inter" personal challenges as clues to guide her clients toward positive change.


Unlike a bad mood or dark emotion that changes across time, Dr. Stuart understands the psychological dimensions of depression as a form of "emotional congestion". This state of mind may become unresponsive to changes in experience, cognition or the flow of time.  She addresses depression through multiple lenses, and collaborates with her clients to loosen the grip of depression and create sustainable tools for improved emotional management.


Although many losses are necessary for growth, they are often experienced as painful and unwanted. Other losses are unnecessary but unavoidable. Dr. Stuart has over twenty five years serving as a guide during loss experiences, helping clients determine obstacles to adjustment and finding the most productive ways to live in the wake of loss.

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